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Review of 'Alien Syndrome'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

It's a pretty good alien destroying game. Ugly worms from outer space to be chased inside a spacecraft, spacestation, or something. It's very playable.


by Pamela Roberts, Jack Wilkes, Mike Marchant, NT

You wander around a spaceship or futuristic laboratory or something, shooting at big alien worms and trying to save your "comrades" (you must be a communist) - and when you collected 10 of them, a door opens and you enter a black room where a worse and bigger alien, a sort of big pie with a yellow head over it, attacks you, firing crawling stuff that chases you around the screen. So, it's fun. The graphics are cute, though the scrolling is not that splendid, and playability is high. It's equal opportunity game as Ant Attack, where you can choose to control a boy or a girl. And it lookes like the programmer is a female, or at least one of them - a Pamela Roberts. So, it's very exciting.