Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Nuclear City Bomber'

Rating:1 User: YOR

This was the only game among the top worst games on the stats page I had not reviewed yet so I thought I'd give it a shot and see for myself why it's so crap, now I know. Basically you can't lose, either drop one bomb or crash into a building and the city is annihilated and you win, pretty certain that isn't how Blitz works. Plus, I got to Tokyo and said to myself that there's a pun with this but I'm not going to use it, very next screen reads Hiroshima (deja vu), thanks for that Mr. Campbell I just said I wasn't going to do the pun and you've done it for me! And then when you've finished all the levels you get an out of data error message, these endings in Spectrum games usually weren't red hot but this takes the biscuit completely! This isn't even a game, it's just tongue and cheek and a bit silly.