Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Renegade'

Rating:5 User: Dynamic Geezer

One of the best beat 'em up games on the Spectrum (in 128K mode even better with the throw, extra level and fantastic game music).

The idea of the game is to rescue your girlfriend who has been kidnapped by the evil boss.

Get through 5 levels (including bikers, prostitues and thugs) to meet the big boss with a gun.

A side-scroller game which was far better in 128K mode but almost just as playable in 48K mode. The throw being the difference.

There was one bug on level 2 where throwing the baddies of the screen caused the game to crash but apart from that pretty flawless and much better than the unplayable arcade version. Yes, the Spectrum game was far better than the original!

A great game if you love beat'em up games.