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Review of 'Skool Daze'

Rating:5 User: Dynamic Geezer

This has to be the most original game ever!

The idea of the game was to run around the school (or should that be skool?!) and retrieving your school report before your parents read it!

The way you did this was by attending lessons and through out the day catapulting shields, kids etc. and getting the combination to the safe before you got 10000 lines (which would result in expulsion).

Fast, addictive and very amusing to punch the boffin, Einstein who knew the answer to every question the teachers asked.

The game is a side push-scroller with four teachers (one a headmaster, Mr. Wacker), four larger kids (one of them is you, the main player called Eric) and the others are smaller kids who just run around and attend lessons.

A real winner this game.