Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jetpac'

Rating:4 User: arda

I met jetpac at the end of my zx spectrum days. Somehow, I couldn't get a hold of a working copy of it for a long time.

I met it after I've played Moon Alert, Arkanoid, Cobra, maybe even R-type and Target Renegade. But it was good. I played it every now and then, just for a quick challange. I played it like a Flash/Office game, when I need a little bit of fun but in a limited time. It was a small game, but if you put time into it, it also rewards you with different objects and goals so it was also a big game.

In that context, it was better than knightlore and atic atac. I still play it a lot, and it deserves a good score just because of replayability.