Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Where Time Stood Still'

Rating:5 User: pajarines

I simple love this game.

In some respects it deserves the usage of a mouse (which I had not and probably the game was not prepared to it). The control is its weakest point, probably too advanced and complex for a spectrum user.

The plot is marvelous ( based in "The lost world") and the maps and graphics(even that only cyan, white and black, with different bright are in use) are excelent: dinosaurs, cascades, cliffs, many characters, huts... with a 2.5D isometric view that makes you feel you are inside the game

It looks like "The great Escape" also from Denton Designs.

The map is huge, and the characters really behaves differently, it is very difficult to end the game with the 4 characters.

In my TOP 5, and certainly a Spectrum and Atari ST classic.