Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jet Set Willy'

Rating:4 User: sirclive1

Jet set willy was the first game i ever queued up for , we (me and a cousin) had spent months conquering the prequel manic miner and decided to make sure a copy of jet set would be ours on release morning.

We eagerly jogged home , hit play and waited for it to load , first thing to hit us was the colour coded protection ,we'd never seen anything like this before but it wasn't too difficult (sounds silly now) and we entered the code and got the now familiar title screen , a nice tune played for us , pressing enter to play (and not seeing many screenshots before) , we were again a touch confused that you could walk from room to room fairly unhindered. This is a world all of its built inside the spectrum , fantastic , we spent all day messing about , even writing the names of all the rooms we could , excited when we found a new one , dismayed when we lost all our lives on a repeated death.

Sorry for rambling but i don't remember being as excited or intrigued by any other game - ever.

For anyone not familiar with Jet set willy , it only requires 3 keys to get you around Willys huge mansion , left / right and jump , the aim of the game is to collect all the objects scattered around the various rooms after a mad party before the time runs out , stopping you are a variety of wierd and wacky well animated objects such as skulls , penguins , saws and other such nightmares from the mind of Matthew Smith.

The rooms were ingenious in design , simple by todays mega bucks but in 1984 ,( good lord 25 years ago ! ) , they were a breath of fresh air compared to most releases.

Its been copied hundreds of times now , and not many come even close to the impact that the original release had , to be honest i hardly ever play it now , but whenever i do , i enjoy a wave of nostalgia and fond memories of the summer of 84 , that can't be a bad thing !