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Review of 'Shadow Skimmer'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

Shadow Skimmer is a flipper game in the guise of a space maze game. You're in a big spaceship and control a peculiar craft through various flip screens, and you can flip your vehicle too, a change that allows you to go under certain passages, or just move faster through certain dangerous zones. In fact, you can meet swarms of ferocious enemies coming out of green tubes and shooting madly. When your vehicle is hit or bump into the enemies, it just go crazy - bouncing against everything at mad speed until you manage to take control again (or die). That's why it's a flipper game. Another interesting feature are the hatches, in which you can enter by pressing fire once over them: they lead you into the dark and tranquil belly of the spaceship, where there are no enemies and you can find other hatches to reach other zones. You can also find objects that must be destroyed in order to make disappear obstacles elsewhere, an operation that will allow you to go further.

Your aim is to reach the In the third and final sector, where "you will find the entry-way to the mothership and your final goal."

Shadow Skimmer has wonderfully smooth and coloured graphics, nice music - but it's also rather difficult. Your losing control is a nice effect, but it doesn't help much playbility: in fact, you're going to lose your three lives [or shields, as the instructions call them] very fast and your laser won't be of much help.