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Review of 'Ramparts'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Go! (UK)
by Sean Speacer, Jas Brooke, Mark Cooksey and Rory Green

Remember Rampage? Well, if you liked that game and want to play a similar one, welcome to Ramparts, a medieval Rampage clone.
Classic Cinema monsters are substituted by blood thirsty Knights and the buildings by medieval Castles. Enemies include archers, foot soldiers, gunpowder artillery and even flying witches among others.

It's not as fun as Rampage, mainly because its not a novelty anymore, but specially because it's harder to play than the original. Climbing and then punching the castle wall gets confusing sometimes when you fall at the press of the wrong key and the monochrome color within the castle walls doesn't help either.
It's still fun to play but not as good as Rampage. Had this game been released before Rampage and I would have liked it better.