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Review of 'L.s.d.'

Rating:3 User: Jamesbeat

I loaded this one up because I thought it might be some fractal demo or something, but it turns out it is not actually called 'L.S.D.' but '£.S.D.'.
The £ doesn't work with databases or something so they substituted a an L.

Anyway, this is a gambling game.
You buy shares and property and invest in futures.
You also play roulette and bet on horses and dogs, although it appears that these are fixed because I never managed to win :0)

Occasionally, fate will intervene and you will either gain or lose (usually lose) some money.

I set the bar low and decided upon a target of £20,000 in liquid cash.

Each day, you get £1,000 to invest/gamble.

This means that if I had simply done nothing, I would have reached my target in 20 days, but unfortunately it actually took me 34 days to reach my goal.

I liked the fact that 'jail' is spelt 'gaol' which is nice and old fashioned.

Otherwise this is a pretty dull game, and the sound effects (annoying beeps) are distracting.
My wife was trying to watch TV while I was playing, and the sounds were annoying her, so at least I got a little entertainment value.

Probably not worth bothering with.