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Review of 'Airwolf'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Elite (UK)
by Richard Wilcox

Airwolf became famous for it's infamous difficulty level of play. If you could master this game, then you would be king of the keyboard.
It had everything to be a winner and a classic, cool colourful graphics, adequate sound, smooth movement. But it was too hard for us 80's kids, even harder than some of the era coin-ops (designed to make you lose fast and spent as much money as possible). It really felt like an impossible mission.
I have only completed the game this year, with a score of 2111 points and only because I set my mind in finishing it, after all this was and still is a classic in my eyes, but man, it took quite a lot of playing.

I decided to give it a 4 just because it has a small bug, which consists of remaining pixels left after your Helicopter is blown and a life is lost, then when you continue if you clash into those pixels (sometimes just one) you lose a life. This just happens from time to time and I only noticed it in a particular screen which I find the hardest one, but I'm certain it happen along the game. This doesn't spoil the game much, because it seldom happens.

Now if you wanna finished the game be prepared for giant amounts of patience and concentration, and the game can became quite addictive!