Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Smash TV'

Rating:1 User: thingley

This was (If the big 3 magazines were to be believed) one of the best games to get for Christmas if you were lucky enough to own a spectrum in 1991.

Lucky, lucky you...

Though criminally never released, the spectrum had managed a really good conversion of Robotron back in the eighties. Everything including the 8 way firing that enabled the character to run one way and shoot another had been possible back then on the humble spectrum. So it really was not asking too much for the spectrum to manage a reasonable approximation of Smash TV.

Ummm ... evidently it was. That firing mechanic (crucial to the 'feel' of the game) was the first thing the programmers decided we didn't need.

Oh we wouldn't be needing much of rest of the accompanying gameplay either.

Then there were the graphics. A stream of random flying saucers, balls, wiggly worms, things, and more things arrived in the play area. These enemies were badly drawn over a pointless background that's only function in life was to add constant colour clash to proceedings.

The player moved quite badly, the fact that you coudln't direct your fire meant you were constantly running, which was a shame as there was just no feeling of weight to the sprites.

I don't believe for a second that the speccy was incapable of a decent version of this game. All this really called for was essentially a version of Gauntlet that didn't scroll with power-ups, the correct firing mechanic and some special effects. God only knows what went wrong.

It pains me to say it, but if you want to know what could have been, play the C64 version.