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Review of 'Saboteur II'

Rating:4 User: Juan F. Ramirez

Worthy sequel of a great classic.

The infiltration style continues, this time starring a female ninja in the Dictator's new command centre on top of a mountain infested of giant android guards and fierce pumas. Collect several pieces of a tape and try to escape on a motorbike through the subterranean caverns under the centre. Similar action in an amazing bigger map.

The game has an original feature: it starts when the ninja drops from a hang glider, somehow choosing which part of the command centre you want to land when starting the mission. The rest of the game is basically similar to part 1: graphics, several levels with increasingly difficult tasks, the way to collect objects, the life bar,... the starting tune is not as cool as part 1's, though!

To make it short, if you love Saboteur, you'll love this game.