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Review of 'Anarchy'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

1987's is the year in which Dominic Robinson programmed his magnum opus, which it's of course Zynaps, but he even found the time to create this brilliant little game for Hewson's budget label, Rack-It.

In spite of the title, this game is not apologetic toward anarchy, au contraire, you must stop the anarchic rebels by penetrating their premises and destroying their ammunitions, while dodging their robots.

It's a top view tank game, reminding of the great Panzadrome [Ariolasoft, 1985], or a minor title as Podder [Central Solutions, 1986], in which the ammunitions are represented by square blocks you can shoot and destroy, while the robots can only be temporarily freezed.

But you can't destroy a block of ammunitions while standing near it, you have to stay at least a square away - this means that it's not always perfectly clear where to start from: you must observe and find the right path to destroy an entire agglomeration of them. This adds a slight puzzle element. You have a limited time, and once you've finished to destroy the ammunitions, the screen flashes and you must find the "exit" square.

The gameplay is very simple, but it's implemented in a fast, colourful way, with very nice sound effects and tunes - so, overall, a bit limited, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.