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Review of 'Dragon's Lair II: Escape from Singe's Castle'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

Oh my! Dragons Lair II...

A rather oddball outing to even attempt on the Speccy which manages to be almost as shit as the first game. You'd think there'd have been a lesson learned somewhere in there, but no money talks louder than common sense apparently.

I understand at the time that not a single one of the home computer versions were even going to scrape the Laserdisc based arcade machine in the looks department. Which was a perfect opportunity to make the home version play nothing like them, and maybe, just maybe be a semi-enjoyable experience. The arcade itself is a complete pile of crap relying 50% on memorization, and 50% on luck. There's little or no skill involved in hitting the button when it flashes, or mashing the joystick in the direction of the seizure inducing yellow light.

Much like the first Dragons Lair, graphics are OK with some rather ugly colour choices, sound is annoying, gameplay is practically none existent. Much like the first outing each level is a below par mini-game with the playability of a Game and watch with a broken button.

Not as shit as the first one, but still total shit! Can I smell a license cash in?

I think so! Pfffft!!!