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Review of 'Smash Out'

Rating:1 User: dm_boozefreek

What a heap of shit!

It's actually not that badly programmed, but the gameplay style needs to be accentuated by naked girls in the background, that's just how kind of shit it is.

It's Pirate Software as well, but at least this isn't written by Harry price, it's at least an original game.

Well original code anyway, original game is more than stretching that definition.

Yep it's crap, but I almost wish it wasn't.

Even if you lived in a box, which would be totally unrealistic by 1987's standards, and you'd paid the £1.99 they charged for this it's apparent you'd be completely deluding yourself that you were enjoying this piece of shit. But I assume in this day and age nobody is that much of a spaz?