Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Ricochet'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

The game has OK graphics, the sound is fucking awful, and annoying, the concept is kind of nice.

The game is so flawed though I want to say it's fucking complete gash!

It isn't complete gash, but it's not far from it.

The game has a few pretty interesting ideas, it starts you off with 2 balls you have to deflect this is pretty fucked up, but you don't die if they hit the bottom of the screen, so long as you deflect them. If you don't you lose health I guess, and the bottom of the screen changes colour.

The solution, but also part of the problem is if you collect power-ups, you start to build a blocker on the bottom. the balls will bounce off that without you having to deflect them. You can also get a power-up that splits your paddle in 2, and they both work mirror image. this is actually quite a good power-up, as the majority of the time the main 2 balls strangely enough for how random they move when you're controlling a single paddle seem to adopt some kind of almost symmetry when you're controlling 2, but not always.

Worst powerup, or is the splitter, in any other Breakout clone it's fine. Split the ball into 3 means extra destruction, keep them in play as long as you can, but if 2 drop it's fine so long as 1 remains. Not in this game, getting the power-up that multiplies the balls is the worst thing you can do in this game it just means 1 more obstacle to stop hitting the bottom of the screen. It just gets annoying, it's bad.

This is not a good game at all, but it does contain some admirable ideas, and for that as crap as it is I'm not giving it the lowest score available. It contains some potentially great ideas, they were just so poorly implemented that it was about as much fun to play as getting kicked in the face, and I'm speaking from experience there. Getting kicked in the face is not fun....But neither is this game...