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Review of 'Krakout'

Rating:4 User: dm_boozefreek

Krakout from the loading screen makes me think yes indeed, as in crack one out, that's a mighty funny looking truncheon...

Some would say it's a Breakout clone, me personally would call it Evil Pong.

it's a great game in it's own right, but it's not that well implemented. The power-ups are what kind of make it shine, sadly that's a big factor in having any fun. Once the ball speeds up it's borderline unplayable...Unless you've got the extend power-up. One thing I do like about this game is when you uncover a power-up it stays there, basically back to that the ball rebounds off it, and it doesn't move, you've got to hit that spot again to get the power-up.

Now let me say why I made a big deal about the extend power-up, the game is practically fucking unplayable without it, fortunately it pops up practically every 2 bricks you hit, and I'm assuming the programmers knew this, because if it wasn't so common this would be a really, really, shit game.

Graphics are nice, sound is OK, presentation is decent with options available. You can even switch the side of the screen you play on, you don't like the bat on the right, flip the game backwards. That's a pretty precise preference right there, shit you think the game's easy flip it backwards for shit's n' giggles..

Overall, it's a good game, a little frustrating, a little annoying, but still a good game.

Not sure given the perspective, and the way it plays it's 100% fair to call it a Breakout Clone, but if that's what it is it's one of the good ones.