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Review of 'Ball Breaker'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

A really nice idea badly implemented!

It's as simple as that!

Ball Breaker has decent presentation, an options screen, several things available on that options screen.

It's a Breakout Clone in Iso-3D, and boy oh boy does it fucking suck the big fat hemorrhoids, infact it doesn't just suck them it chews on them a little bit before they burst.

Seriously what annoys me the most though is the makings of a great game are all here there's just a few design flaws that break the whole thing basically, not breaking in a good way, this game could have broke the mould instead it just turned it upside down, and shook it about a bit while the mould was trying it's hardest to set in humid conditions...

The game is sound in design that's a given, Breakout in Iso-3D wasn't that risky come 87' it could have been done a lot better than this.

Sounds are pretty much not there, in 48k, or 128k...blip, blip, blip.

Graphics are totally fine, even nice, but sharp visuals ain't worth sh*t without nothin' to back em' up. Thing that annoys me, the game could have been totally playable I mean 100% improved if the ball just had a shadow under it. Seriously it may not have made huge difference, but I really think it would have made it more playable, I really do. The ball just seems totally disembodied from the play area, and lining the paddle up when it speeds up, infact fuck it even when it's slow is total guess work.

As it stands the game is an unplayable mess at the best of times, and borderline fucking impossible once the ball speeds up...Seriously? There's nothing else to say it's a fucking mess!

This game makes me feel kind of sad though as I wanted to like it, as conceptually it's not bad at all, and it's a nice idea, and with just a few literally minor tweaks, and tweaks well within reason as well, it could have been great.

Sadly it's shit, and got buried in amongst all the regular 2D bat and ball games.