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Review of 'Zynaps'

Rating:3 User: dm_boozefreek

I wish I could hate on this game I really do, because I fucking hate how much people gush on about how fucking great it is!

OOOH Hewson Did it again! OOOOOOOH It looks so great OOOOOH! It's the best shooter ever!

Sadly they're almost right, I can't deny it....

...Or at least I couldn't if the game didn't hide the 1 shot syndrome behind the fact the ship shoots from the top or bottom. I can't work out if it's random or sequential, but it's still 1 shot syndrome! Only being able to fire one shot til' it hits or exits the screen is fucking bullshit my friends! It's a shoot em' up, let the player fucking shoot you bastards! Don't make the game intentionally harder through shit design please it's not funny, and people who actually play and enjoy games notice dirty fucking tricks like this!

Being able to get powerups to increase the amount of shots is not an acceptable excuse for crippling the player from square one either, you die you lose those powerups, you get dropped in the hardest part of a level and have to try and powerup again in one shit mode...Haha...that was a typo but I'm going to leave it, because it's true...it's shit!

this game could have been the amazing shooter everyone spunks their undies over if the smooth scrolling and tidy graphics didn't polish over another typical shooter.....Hewson really did do it again...I guess!

I'm giving it a 3, I was gonna give it a 4, but I thought about it and it made me angry so no! It defo doesn't deserve a 5