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Review of 'Out Run'

Rating:3 User: dm_boozefreek

Out Run...Out Crawl more like!

Harsh, but true I suppose, although I will say I did get some enjoyment from this game as late on as 1993 when I got my second Speccy. Which fortunately was a +3. I got the disk of this game in the Bundle that came with the machine.

This is this games one saving grace for me, as it took a few seconds to load each level in, I cannot even begin to imagine the frustrations of my tape deck owning brethren when it comes to playing this rather bog standard conversion.

Graphics are mono, gameplay is very hit and miss, but I will say even though I have heard several people say the sound is crap as well, that I quite like the AY rendition of Magical Sound Shower it's certainly not abysmal by any means (even though it does seem to skip a few notes here and there, especially when the screen fills up). I cannot even begin to imagine the frustrations of my 48k owning brethren not only having to multi-load, but playing in silence as well.

I'll be honest looking back the game is pretty turd, and it kind of looks and moves like a Tiger handheld game, who knows maybe the Tiger Handheld version is better than the Speccy? I cannot even begin to imagine the frustrations of everybody 48k or 128k, disk or tapedeck owning, that a crappy pocket game potentially might have been better than a home computer version that cost an extortionate £8.99, or an even more extortionate £12.99 for the disk (which incidentally I got for free, another blow softened I'd say).

I'll give it an average score, I've played worse arcade conversions for more powerful machines, and to be fair back in '93 when I first played it on my own Speccy it didn't seem that slow. I'd played it previously nearer to the release date, but can't even remember where, probably one of my cousin's friends houses?

I suppose it's a nice curio for collectors if you have a big box disk in good condition, but you might as well play the actual arcade machine on MAME these days (Or one of Sega's many other newer games, they seem to love shoving it into their more modern games as a mini-game these days).