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Review of 'Holiday in Sumaria'

Rating:1 User: dm_boozefreek

I remember Holiday in Sumaria, it was one of those games that the cover art made look really awesome. I almost bought it on a few occasions when I was a kid, but always found something slightly more interesting to spend my couple of quid on.

Man am I glad about that, when I finally played it years later, I realised I'd dodged a bullet there. This would've been another classic example of a crap game's rather interesting cover art duping somebody out of their coinage. Although by mid-late 1987 I'd began to grow wise to not just throwing money at a game that looks good on first impressions, even if it was cheap.

It's another typically average isometric 3D affair, which practically chugs to a halt if anything other than you is moving onscreen. The scenery graphics are serviceable, and that's basically all you'll look at as most rooms are so overcrowded with them it makes it borderline impossible to navigate, which also makes solving the simplest of puzzles an absolute chore. The actual moving sprites are well there's no other word for them really.....SHITE!

Sound is a bit arse as well, but not much surprise there, it usually is in iso-3D games.

A below average attempt, which is a chore to play, to the point it's almost physically uncomfortable.