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Review of 'Cannibals from Outer Space'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

"Dralon Sladdomnac Fast Food Emperor of Grebignurk is about to add a new item to his menu - the Earthlingburger": this strange specimen of a game is about aliens eager to make hamburgers out of humans, which may sounds slightly weird, but after all it's a plot conceived by Brian Bloodaxe author Charles Bystram, who after his most known title disappeared for a couple of years, reappearing in 1987 with a couple of peculiar 3d isometric games, Cannibals, of course, being one of the two. The playing area is relatively tiny and it's mostly in the upper half of the screen, your sprite looks like a unexpressive moving puppet, while the alien droids/monsters are a bit more cute or well drawn. The sound effects are "enhanced" by big onomatopoeic writings scrolling in capital letters, and other types of communications may appear in the same fashion, in fact, by the way, you can turn toward a character or monster and press "s" to listen to whatever they may have to say. You can pick up objects, use them, shoot, activate and deactivate stuff by pushing/pressing consoles or electronic panels. There are a lot of energy draining beams and lethal shooting cubes - it's a pretty insidious game, hard to explore - usually you don't see many rooms before dying, occurrence which will trigger a magnified image of your own death, for you delight. Although very far from the best examples of 3d isometric arcade/adventures, it's interesting in its weirdness and it seems to have some nice features. It's also rather hard.