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Review of 'Colditz Story, The'

Rating:4 User: dm_boozefreek

The Colditz Story....

Sad thing is even though this game was written in 1987, it literally could have been written in 1984, or 1985.

Yet there is something strangely compelling about playing it, and what's disturbing is it's published by Atlantis Software, pre-Shaw Brothers Atlantis, which means it's published by Shatlantis! But yet it's still a strangely enjoyable game.

It's blatantly written in basic, which has either been compiled or has machine code routine running along with it. Try loading it in to a 128k Speccy and witness the glorius SPECTRUM SPECTRUM SPECTRUM memory bank problem happen hahahaha!

The game is basically an arcade adventure where you must escape from Castle Colditz. It's quite simple you're presented with a map, and you move around it, each screen has a selection of options depending on your location. It's the usual fare Search, open, and so on, unless you encounter guards.

The guard encounters is where the games "action" comes into play, and it's basically a selection of mini-games. I'll give it, it's dues it's simple but effective, and one of them even requires you to know (or realistically at the time of release guess) a basic knowledge of German (Oooo Edu-macational). These mini-games range from you like mentioned above having to select the correct German response to a guard who asks you a question, crawling past guards while their backs are turned, or having to shoot a guard while his back is turned.

Yup It's actually pretty brutal, and I think the Colditz Story may have been the first game I ever saw blood in. The game is unforgiving, and to be honest that sets the scene perfectly it is set during World War II after all. If you mess up one of the sections the guards tell you such wonders as "If I catch you again...", then there's a selection of follow ups such as "Shot at dawn", or "Boiled in oil" Hahaha!

Get caught 3 times, and it's in front of the firing squad, where the Nazi's shoot you to death and your lifeless corpse falls to the floor with blood spilling out into the morning sun.

I've made it sound way better than it is, and to be honest the game was dated by at least 2 years when it appeared. I am willing to go out on a limb though and say regardless of seemingly simple gameplay there is a very enjoyable game underneath the rough exterior. Which actually take a little bit of time and thought to succeed at. Which to be honest is more than can be said of a lot of the full price action titles of the era.

So I'm gonna give it an insane 4, because it IS good, regardless of how shit it appears if you have a 30 second go of it and say..."ERGH!".