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Review of 'Masters of the Universe - The Arcade Game'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

There aren't many licences able to compete with the sheer ugliness of Masters of the Universe. Even Ocean's Highlander was substantially just a very poor and unplayable game, almost a non-game, but this is an interactive nightmare. Sprites are constantly surrounded by a black clash-avoiding rectangle and move in a very suffering way as if they were drowning in an aquarium through a jerky scrolling, while everything around is surrealistically silent, even when you penetrate the castle and there are enemies everywhere, some of them shooting at you. The jumping/platform aspect is terribly clumsy, as collision detection in general, as EVERYTHING else in general, including the multi-coloured sprites attempt.
One of the biggest ideas behind the game is probably U.S. Gold handing the adaptation task to Adventuresoft UK, specialized in text adventures: pure genius.