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Review of 'EastEnders'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

Eastenders [Macsen]

Eastenders is a famous British tv thing, and I don't know what it is about, but judging from this tie in game, it must be something between a Luis Bunuel movie and a bad LSD trip. Your sprite moves in a room filled with what look like displays, screens and such, each with its own colour, and he can enter into them: inside of them strange single screen mini-games await the poor player, which in one sees a giant table covered with any kind of food, in another he becomes a pair of flying scissors cutting roses, whose thorns begin to sway disquietingly, in another there are a maze and a phone, in the next glasses and bottles, and you just move a hand or glove, a pointless pointer, without, in my case, being able to do anything. It's rather perplexing, really, even more than the Frankie Goes To Hollywood tie in, and that's something.