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Review of 'SQIJ!'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

SQJI! [The Power House]

It could run for the title of worst game of the year [or ever] even only for the absurd and unpronounceable title, but there's more, much more to it.
First all, the very articulated option screen has actually got only one option, which is "start game". Once you start, you see your sprite, a giant white bird occupying a great deal of the playing area, surrounded by two supposedly lethal platform or blocks going up and down. But you're not going to discover what they are. You can't move. I checked the instructions, found the control keys, pressed them, and nothing happened. Then I pressed every single other key and, still, nothing happened. Eventually I discovered [reading other people's experiences with SQJI] that the only way to make the game work was and is breaking into the program, and insert some command lines, then start it again: The Power House released an almost totally not working game and even wanted you to pay for it: extraordinaire. Or maybe it was just an ingenious way to stimulate the kids to really use their brain and learn to program, in order to correct the game and play it. By the way, those who really played it say that, anyway, is still totally crap.