Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Chase H.Q.'

Rating:4 User: thingley

Even today most racing games are disposable.

Back in the eighties, most racers suffered the same problem with added technical problems inherent in trying to convey speed in a 2 colour spectrum game. Without the power to move polygons, many racers simply had you racing against the clock, or against scripted 'ghostly' cars that seemed to sit there on the track waiting to be overtaken.

All of this makes ChaseHQ on the spectrum a complete masterpiece of it's day. The 'chase down and ram off the road' gameplay was different to what other racing games were offering and was beautifully executed given the limitations of the spectrum.

The one issue I have with this game is that I personally don't find it that addictive. For me this is a one or two go game rather than something I can spend ages playing. I also didn't feel that there was much progression. Sometimes it did jujst feel like doing the same thing over and over with not much difficulty curve.

Still a great conversion of the coin-op to the humble spec.