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Review of 'Aliens'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Software Studios (Mevlut Dinc, Mark Eyles), Pennsoft, Soft Machine, Focus Creative Enterprises Ltd

Yeah, it's the game from the second chapter of the Alien franchise, the one directed by James Cameron, and it appears on our monitors in the guise of a subjective view shoot'em up, I think it would be called "survival horror" nowadays, am I wrong? You control the six members of the extermination team sent to kill the aliens infesting a remote base on a blunt planetoids somewhere over the rainbow, AND THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. Which is quite normal in a videogame as only a very low percentage of attempts end with a successful result. But I think you know. Anyway, the game is very tense and immersive, despite being very samey graphically and gameplay wise. So, it's ok.