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Review of 'Dynamite Dan II'

Rating:5 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Rod Bowkett

A great and colourful platform/maze game full of funny jingles and sound effects that accompany a delirious gameplay filled with demented and cute nasties [like a hamster or mouse in a ball] almost impossible to avoid, but luckily lots of snacks are littered around to replenish your energy, from ice cream to cherries, from tea to beer. Your aim is to find a vinyl, play it on the local juke box, then find an engine and some fuel, go back to your dirigible and fly to the next island, which sounds simpler than it is, of course. Dr Blitzen from the first chapter is still around and trying to hypnotize you all the time, which means that you lose the control of the hero, which will walk like a zombie for some seconds, risking to fall in the waters that could be in the proximity. Find some goggles and they'll protect you from dr Blitzen mesmerizing rays. By the way, at the time I thought dr Blitzen was a sadistic girl with curly blonde hair. And there other items as well, a not better identified thing that allows you to find useful shortcuts, for example, and other stuff whose use still I don't understand. I suppose I'll have to read the instructions sooner or later. It's fun, playable, watchable, listenable, far better than the first episode, and each island is prettily characterized.