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Review of 'Movie'

Rating:5 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Dusko Dimitrijevic, Dragoljub Andjelkovic, F. David Thorpe

In Imagine's Movie you control a Philip Marlowesque detective through a series of classic split screens, using not only directional controls but also a series of icons, and with the possibility of talking through comic strip balloons, trying to interact with other talking characters - featuring twin blondes with opposite intentions, which you'll have to tell to solve your case. In truth, the game being nonetheless fascinating and absorbing, the talking feature is very limited, being useful only in three or four occasions - but it was pretty fun pretending, or trying to, to talk with other sprites. Other actions you can perform are punching, shooting, once found revolver and bullets, and flinging objects across the room, mostly useful to throw bombs against gangsters. The game becomes surreal with sitting dogs jumping around, lethal balls rolling through the locations and moving armours.