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Review of 'Highlander'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Canvas (Roy Gibson, Simon Butler, Steve Cain, Martin Calvert)
Horribly blocky sprites, non existant sound, almost empty background, and a whole movie reduced
to a solo beat'em up that could be whatever sword fight from anything. The fight itself is hard and boring,
you don't even clearly understand what you're doing. It's a game that makes you want to cut off your head,
especially if you spent money on it. Roger Taylor in original soundtrack recorded by the Queen for the movie sang a tune titled "Don't Lose Your Head", and I think he played this game too and he was trying to resist to do hara-kiri. Anyway, never thought much of the movie too, even as a kid. Hey, the loading screen is very well done and drawn. Surely worth 7.95 £!