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Review of 'Roller Coaster'

Rating:5 User: thingley

For what seems like the majority of spectrum gamers, the history of platformers is very simple.

First there was Manic Miner, then came Jet Set Willy followed by everything else. Of course if you preferred things a little more arcadey then you are likely to mention Chuckie Egg.

Now I don't doubt for a minute that these were brilliant games. Among some of the very best early titles in fact. I owned and played all three of them. But the platform game I have the most nostalgia for is Roller Coaster.

Lets begin with the bad points. It's tough, really unforgiving. You won't get very far on your first go, probably not even on your tenth go. I never even thought seriously about completing the game. This was a game more about exploring that bit further with each go.

It had to be honest a better location than any of the other platformers of the day. You were there in the rollercoaster park after hours and all the rides were still switched on. The graphics were a very imaginative take on the theme park with all of the rides there for the player who could get far enough to enjoy (and survive) them.

There were also flashy things to collect - I believe there were spectrum gamers that did that sort of thing. But for me this gem was all about getting to new screens and finding new rides.

For me anyway, a much loved classic.