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Review of 'Knight Rider'

Rating:1 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Antony R. Lill, Gary Knight, F. David Thorpe
Never gave a damn to Knight Rider nor Street Hawk, which seemed to keep my best friend glued to the tv. Anyway, if in Italy Knight Rider was known as Supercar, this game should be renamed Superbore.
It's composed by two sections, the first being a mix between driving and yawning, the second a top view, single screen sleepwalk from a side to the other of a building packed with bad people, like Oswald, or the guy who wanted to impress Jodie Foster, or most probably Hillary Clinton. You're gonna need several cups of coffee to stay awake. But there is a good rendition of the Knight Rider theme, and a okaysh loading screen, with an extremely tanned David Hasselhoff - maybe he was preparing for Baywatch. And how I would have preferred a Baywatch game.