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Review of 'Sir Fred'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Carlos Granados Martinez, Paco Menendez, Fernando Rada Briega, Camilo Cela Elizagarate, Juan Delcan

As we know, this is the renowned follow-up to the classic Fred, maze-platform game and in this sequel morphed into an arcade/adventure, a very colourful one, with several objects, puzzles and secret passages. So, I admit it's very nice to look at, but, personally, I have never really enjoyed it, although I tried. When I was a kid, I always stuck in the cave with that red-nosed naked man, or, even, I wasn't able to reach
the cloud from the balcony, above the moat. I haven't learned how to make that long jump while swinging on a rope, so, my ineptitude at Sir Fred was due to myself, and to the lack of instructions, nonetheless... I find Fred rather hard to control, and the inertia and acceleration subtleties don't help - although they're certainly very useful to bang against trees, walls and stuff. So I can say I really like it. Tehcnically good and with nice graphics, anyway. I absolutely prefer the original.

[no more than] 3,5/5