Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Ranarama'

Rating:4 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

Playing a little like a flip screen Gauntlet abeit with a frog as the protagonist. Thankfully the game's a lot better than Gauntlet and a lot more varied. Ok maybe not a lot more but a little more at least. When you encounter a warlock, by jumping on them you trigger a simple mini game where you swap around 2 letters at a time to spell out the word Ranarama. It's a bit crap but does break up the gameplay slightly. Talking of gameplay, it can be a bit frustrating when there's so many enemies you can't help but take damage. And it does seem to slow down just a little bit when there's a lot going on. Overall it's a good game and only just misses out on a 5 from me.