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Review of 'Knight Lore'

Rating:3 User: winston

Knight Lore was simply - from a technical point of view - astounding when it came out. It's just a pity they forgot to ship a game with this beautiful isometric engine...

Perhaps that's being a bit unfair - there was of course a game there. Arguably, a more complex game than, say, Manic Miner - but it seemed to sorely lack the "Just Rightness" that some of the later isometric games had. The controls seemed like an afterthought, and as often noted, there were few visual cues as to exactly where you were in the isometric world which made the gameplay suffer greatly.

Despite the technical brilliance of this pioneering work, it does feel a bit like a technical demonstrator with a game tacked on as an afterthought - despite some of the unique points of the gameplay. The controls and the slowdowns and the lack of positional cues cause the playability to suffer terribly, and as such, it doesn't have the "Just Rightness" that would make it a true great.