Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Project Stealth Fighter'

Rating:5 User: alban lusitanae

Unknown to many out there, the spectrum did had many good flight simulators in their time, and Project Stealth Fighter, the F-19 Stealth Fighter that people know from the PC did port into the Spectrum.

The game is very much like other versions of the game, trimmed of course in terms of images or filled vectors, since MicroProse wanted to get as much of the targets and weapons inside the game and the spectrum has color clash so it may look something like Mercenary, but for those who can handle a flight simulator (this is not one for newbs) you can get fun with this.

Now depending on the area, the computer will slow down more or less. If the target are you're attacking is a specific russian AWACS on a european base you might have problems since there so many ground and air targets that it becomes complicated to know what they are unless you identify them properly.

In the end, the game is pretty cool, lots of weapons (which can be ineffective against certain targets be careful) lots of possible combinations, just a pain with the loader, but that's what you get with such a massive database in spectrum. Slow at times yes, but still fun to play :) Even with other sims out there.