Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Head over Heels'

Rating:5 User: thingley

The first full price game I ever bought.

Admittedly it took me over 20 years to finally complete the game without cheats. But still what a masterpiece.

For me the appeal of these isometric games was having a 3d world to explore inside your spectrum. This game goes much further than that - there are 5 different planets to liberate. Each of these worlds has it's own style and the can be explored in the order you choose.

Other gamers liked the puzzles of these 3d games. Well no problems here either. The 2 different characters can team up or be separated ensuring a far greater variety of puzzles than most isometric games. There are some great rooms in this game to try and get your head around.

Then of course there are those players who liked a bit of action with their puzzling. Head over Heals plays very well here. There are some jumping and dodging skills to be learned, as well as a bit of shooting. Often knowing what to do is half the battle but the game never feels unfair.

Obviously you also need to make the graphics appealing. Here again Head over Heels scores. It is by far the most gorgeous looking of the room based isometric games. There are brilliant flashes of humour in the design of both head and heels and the inhabitants of the strange places you visit.

It's not perfect. There are a few cases of slowdown where there are many baddies or movable blocks on screen at once. These are rare enough to be forgiveable and don't detract much from the experience. I also didn't like the 128K music - much prefering the 48k beeper effects, but each to their own.

So a great looking game that appeals to the explorer, puzzler or actioner in you.