Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Arkanoid'

Rating:3 User: zxspectrum128

My review is based entirely on a player's perspective.
Graphics are great and the arcade machine has been replicated as faithfully as one can expect on the Spectrum.
But almost all breakout games suffer from one thing: the player is hamstrung by the controls.
There is simply no way to replace a trackball or a paddle controller for games like this.
On my Atari 2600 there are some maddening addictive games of the breakout genre and they surely do not rely on fancy effects. It's the paddles which make the game work for the player.
Circus Atari e.g. would be unplayable without them.

Maybe a set of 5 hotkeys to operate with your other hand would come in handy to "teleport" your bat to 1 of 5 fixed spots along the bottom of the screen. This would emulate the control of a paddle to some extent...