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Review of 'T.L.L.'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Vortex Software (UK)
written by Costa Panayi

Wow, this was such an amazingly looking game. Technically superb, graphically beautiful and very original.
It may look simple for today's kids, but the 3D landscape was the best in those days.
Costa had already exceeded expectations with Android 2, which by the way has a few landscapes elements repeated in this game (the colorful trees, for instance), but no one was expecting such a step forward in quality. In fact, Costa outdid himself again later, with Cyclone, Highway Encounter and Deflektor.

I did find the game very hard back in the day, but nowadays it looks very easy to finish (heck, I picked up the five crates in 5 minutes and landed safely right after, just before writing this review).
Oh, and yes, that is the games goal: flying around searching for 5 crates using the radar and map as help, and picking them up by flying your plane very low over them, and then return to the base. The games restarts but now with less time to finish the task.
This is the downside, after you complete the first row, the game turns into a scoring game.
Still it was great just flying around the game area, making stunts, like crossing below electricity wire poles or between buildings or even below the bridge (the hardest stunt me and friends discovered).
Thankfully, Costa returned with Cyclone, which was sort of a sequel and a superb game.