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Review of 'Robin of the Wood'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Odin Computer Graphics (UK)
by Steve Wetherill, Paul Salmon and Andy Walker

Robin of the Wood is a beautiful game, featuring great backgrounds, nicely designed characters, well animated action, a nice start menu tune and a good plot.
The use of the legendary Robin was surely a bonus, specially because in those days the classics were still fashionable.
The end result is a captivating, imaginable, very playable, pretty game.
Still I can't get around on how many similar games were made before. Some good, some bad. Robin of the Wood is not original in any particular way, but enhanced old ideas, and is surely among the best of it's genre, I only wish it was different from all the cartoony Sabre Wulf's made before.

4,5 points