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Review of 'Knight Lore'

Rating:2 User: thingley

Like the arcade game Pong, Knight Lore is one of those games that owes it's status to being a pioneer.

There is no doubt that on release, Knight Lore advanced the medium of videogames to a new level.

Unfortunately, (again like Pong) we are looking at a game that has aged really badly. I mean it's one thing acknowledging Pong or Knight Lores' place in history, it's another convincing anyone that here is a timeless classic that deserves repeated plays.

Starting with the positives, the graphics on Knight Lore were brilliant, especially considering there were no role models for this type of game at the time.

At this point there were no floor tiles to help the gamer gauge their position in the room, making the game a little difficult in places.

There was also the twist - a good play mechanic where you were turned into a werewolf - capable of jumping higher.

Unfortunately, what dates Knight Lore is the fatal combination of a truely terrible control scheme and the dreaded slowdown.

Added to that was the fact that when you overcome the games flaws you are essentially playing a very simple 'collect-em-up'. It's hardly the most inspiring gameplay and would feel slow even without the slowdown - which is quite bad in places.

But then - if you bought this game all those years ago, you probably got over it's flaws back then and can't imagine why I'm making such a big deal out of them!