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Review of 'Knight Rider'

Rating:1 User: dm_boozefreek

Shite Rider more like!

Ocean once again blew a really good license, by making a completely terrible game. You'd think the time it took them to get it onto the shelves they may have actually put a game in there.

I was one of the lucky ones, I got to play this game before I even thought about buying it. I really feel sorry for all the people, or peoples parents who parted with their hard earned £7.95 for this debacle. £7.95 in 1986 was quite a bit to part with for a lump of shit in a cassette box.

This is another nail in Oceans coffin, and it probably juts roughly, and offensively out of the wood a few inches away from Highlander.

They knew fine well that regardless of how shit the game was, people would still be suckered by the license.

This game is one of those disastrous curios, that definitely belongs to stay in the past. The graphics are crap the gameplay is sluggish and slow, and pretty much devoid of any redeeming features. Why even have the map screen at all if whenever you don't pick the location the game wants you to go to. You just get the inside of one of the buildings onscreen, and a message from KIT telling you "Sorry Michael we need to be...insert correct location here". Totally pointless.

This game is a glob of the aftermath of a monkey's stress wank!