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Review of 'Deathball'

Rating:2 User: WhenIWasCruel

Deathball 2000. Simulation of a deadly future sport, apparently rooted in cinematographic inspirations like Roller Ball and Deathrace 2000. It must be at least partially written in BASIC, and it's partially like a Football Manager for future sports: you can name your team, your players, and distribute limited amount of skills among them. You can play a one off game, a tournament or whatever. The players are cutely drawn, and the game is played in a sort of maze with subjective view, just like all that old stuff like 3D Monster Maze or Embassy Assault and all that kind. I still don't know what exactly I should think of it, because I've opened the instructions file from the archive, and they are almost all in ideograms. Anyway, it's slow, and looks like the boardgame version of the American Football. Exciting. ?/5