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Review of 'Highlander'

Rating:1 User: dm_boozefreek

Possibly one of the worst games I have ever played, probably the worst licensed game I've ever played.

Highlander was an awesome movie for it's time, and back when this game was reasonably new I can safely say I am so so glad it was my friends copy I played and not mine. If I had paid the almost comical £7.95 I'd have been one of the few 8 year olds on record to commit suicide...

The graphics are terrible, semi colourful backgrounds which look OK if not a little boring surround an all black floor, upon which lazily ported chunky cut n' pasted C64 sprites bumble around with no true purpose.

Swing your sword at the stickle brick man with your equally useless stickle brick man and watch in dismay as your health bar keeps decreasing, and his goes back up. Then your head falls off in one of the most terribly animated and pathetic deaths in a computer or video game.

Gameplay is lost somewhere? Because I for one could not find it anywhere, sound is pretty much none existent, presentation is fucking crap.

The game is a joke, an absolute farce, and is no doubt one of the nails in Ocean's coffin.

I mentioned it was my friends copy I played back in about 86'/'87, my friend was almost lucky he got this game as part of a compilation, at least he had a couple of other games to play.

We were both quite excited to play this though, but alas about 2 minutes after it was loaded and we'd both had a go, the Speccy was reset and I don't think he ever played it again.

Let's hope he didn't anyway, this game is pure poison! Raw untreated sewage with an 89% shit content, the rest is tampons and used condoms...

Loading this game up these days even in an emulator is an unjustified waste of time even if it takes less than a second to load Avoid like the plague