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Review of 'S&S Parapsychologists'

Rating:5 User: danfielding

ATENTION! For all people who wants to play this magnific adventure! At the start point, it's needed to know where you want to go: 'Badwater road'. You must ask about it to a taxi driver! (this info was in the original adventure paper manual).

This is a very good and creepy adventure! A misterious meteorite has crashed on Aylesbury hill. A secret letter from Miskatonic university asks you, two recent parapsychologists in town, to start with discrete investigations (due to strange related things). During investigations you will be in a mental sanatory, in a dark river docks, in morgue, in cemetery, in Arkham dark woods, in a dark chapel, in an abandoned factory, into dark sewers... You will discover a terrible sect, you will disguise yourself, you will learn how to hypnotize... Also there is action: you will defend you from sectarians, from strange beings, from venom, from explosions, from dead into morgue's fridge... I can't summarize all the cinematographic situations in this huge adventure!

This is a technically innovative conversational adventure. Each character has his own specifics (one is strong but bigger, other little but more agile), and you can play with twice or with one, and, in some places, you need to interact between them to get a good ending (for exemple, one of them will be kidnapped and the other should save him!). Also, there are (few) features like real time, money, life points, weather effects, 128k sound...

And yes, this is a difficult adventure (the first thing: is in spanish). Sometimes you will need to do things extremely quickly (as find venom cure), and normally life points will run out very fast on fights. Anyway, you can be quite prepared in advanced to avoid innecessary pain or situations.

About graphics and sound: this is perhaps the worst aspect. Sound is only in few places, almost inexistent, and graphics are very poor done (at least it have little animation, that is a good thing). But well, it's normal in this kind of adventures, and at last they fulfills its purpose.

Finally: I think this is one of the most surprising adventures I ever played, mandatory for Lovecraft lovers. During playing, you can't avoid think: 'how the hell is all this history into only 128k?'. Also, sometimes seems like putting big object in little box; the intentions don't fit hardware capacity. My congratulations to Arkham software!