Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jungle Jie'

Rating:2 User: Stack

Jungle Jie, from the arcade game Jungle King, in which you star as Jie a bespectacled naked old man, running through the wilderness, head back like Chariots of Fire, through landscapes reminiscent of the trippy running in the Russell film of the rock opera Tommy.
Incredible programming evokes an old Spectrum favourite from the word go, the uncatchable rope. So the most unplayable section - far worse than The Hunchback- in this deranged soup of a game, is the very first bit you see. Only the insane will progress.
I progressed. I swam on through the croc swamp and then into the 'bombarded by giant popcorn' section, which proved to be moderately good fun, and then I penetrated the jungly inner sanctum, leaping the fauna and the agitated natives and ducking the tunnel-top snakes.
There were more ropes ahead, and decapitated death-bringing heads...
No sign of Mr Kurtz in the darkness and yet I was so close to rescuing my Jane, my Esmerelda, whatever she was.
I failed.
The gnashing heads bit me to shreds.
The horror, the horror...