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Review of 'Monty is Innocent'

Rating:2 User: WhenIWasCruel

Monty Is Innocent! From the genius that brought you Jack and the Beanstalk, Giant's Revenge and The House That Jack Built... another dodge'em all and run-out-of-the-room game with huge, hyper-coloured backgrounds and no playability at all. You're chased by fast guards and skulls and whatever's which appear out of nowhere, and even directly OVER you, if they feel like, killing you immediately - while you constantly snag on elements of the background or you are cornered in a cul de sac. Surprisingly, the game was well received by virtually every magazine, maybe blinded by the graphics, I don't know. Anyway, thanking God, this was the last game of this kind, for Chris Kerry, which started redeeming himself the same year with the cute maze game Metabolis, in which finally the graphics become a decorative element of a solid gameplay, from there, he'll go on programming lots of decent and good games, including some favourites of the playing public [Footballer Of The Year, Avenger, Auf Wiedersehen Monty]. Monty Is Innocent tries to be an interactive cartoon, but succeeds only partially.