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Review of 'Atlantis'

Rating:3 User: WhenIWasCruel

It's scoring under 5.00 on WoS. I don't think it's that bad.
It's a simple subaquatic game in which you have to kill or avoid fish and submarine creatures of all kinds and sizes, moving along three or four platform levels, scrolling in loop as you move, and with the occasional hole in which you can dive. The aim is to save what I thought was a sort of drowned sailor with wings or fings. When you touch him, he exclaims "my hero!". So maybe he's a girl, your girlfriend or something. Or you just like sailors. [And he likes scuba divers]. Anyway, the graphics are a bit like an early arcade or an old console game, and so the gameplay, the sprites are a bit blocky. I quite like it, to say the truth. The green sharks are really ugly. Are they supposed to be so? Who knows. Anyway, the controls are quite responsive, which is essential in a game like this and helps making it quite playable. Don't shoot the purple blobs. I don't know what they are.